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Offline UPS

With the increasing daily reliance on networked data systems, the need for failsafe backup of power supply systems is now essential. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology, with a very high level of reliability, are now extensively used to provide this backup security.

Renesas produces MCUs and highly efficient power semiconductor devices (IGBTs and MOSFETs) designed for full-digital control system that delivers uninterrupted CVCF (Constant Voltage and Constant Frequency) output made possible by a continuous offline inverter. The key advantage of full-digital control for UPS systems is that all power conversion is handled by MCU, thus fewer total components are required compared to a traditional analog system. This reduces overall cost and provides a more stable method of control.

UPS applications require a high-speed control MCU with multiple on-chip inverter and converter PWM control functions thus making the RL78/I1A an ideal choice for continuous commercial power supplies. Renesas delivers optimal solutions for UPS applications by providing a variety of semiconductor devices in addition to MCUs.